Top 10 Best Nose Clips For Swimming

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In the last few years, there has been so much advancement in swimming equipment. Not only the
swimsuits, goggles, snorkels, or hand paddles are absolute requirements, but also, the best nose clips for swimming are an exclusive addition to a swimmer’s look to protect them from the sinus infection.

swimsuits, goggles, snorkels, or hand paddles are absolute requirements, but also, the best nose clips for swimming are an exclusive addition to a swimmer’s look to protect them from the sinus infection.

This practical device, although it looks small, actually hooks up your nose when you are deep down in the water. Moreover, it helps to combat all the breathing issues and prevent the water from entering your nostrils. We must say, just like all other swimming essentials, it is also a critical device, which every swimmer must keep in his gears.

The original association of swimming nose clip is with beginners or amateurs, who are trying to reach the peak-level perfection in their techniques. But now these are re-introduced in the world of professional or expert swimmers to have comfortable breathing during water sports.

We cannot say that swimming is not possible without nose clips. Today, many proficient swimmers are doing it without any difficulty just because they are used to it. We can say that these nose clips are essential gear for beginners who are still in their learning phase. Well, that doesn’t matter; either you are an expert or an amateur, you certainly need to use a nose clip to ensure your safety.

After spending hours of research on hundreds of models in the market, we filtered highly-rated top 10 best nose plugs for swimming to make your experience incredible.

How Do Swimming Nose Clips Work?

The swimming nose clips work by pinning up the two nostrils together to make your skin a powerful barrier against water. The material used in them, usually metal or malleable plastic, makes them perfectly conform to the nose when you apply them. Before you jump into the water, the nose clips comfortably sit and slip on your nose.

Nose plugs for swimming are also for blocking the water from entering your nose but are slightly different. The nose plugs demand to recognize the nose size, much more than the nose clips. Unlike nose clips, you need to insert the nose plugs into your nostrils to block the water pathway.

On the whole, we can say that the nose clips are a sound barrier between you and water. It blocks the nasal pathway to receive water from the surroundings.

Top 10 Best Swimming Nose Clips

We have tried our best to filter the top-most highly rated models in the market. So here are the reviews:

1. Speedo Unisex Swim Nose Clip – Best Overall

The exclusively built, Speedo Unisex Liquid Nose Clip, is our top pick because it does contain some powerful features. When it comes to comfort, nothing can beat the standards of this nose clip. The ultra-soft thermoplastic rubber pads fit the clip perfectly on your nose, and most importantly, it will not hurt you in any way.

Just like a standard nose cap for swimming, the Speedo Liquid nose clip performs a water blocking function. Here, we must say that these clips are profoundly gripped to push the nostrils together to prevent any water leakage, performing that function much effectively. You can surely trust them whenever you are jumping into the water.

These clips feature a lightweight nylon frame, which makes them highly comfortable to put on the nose. There are less chances of slipping into the water. However, if accidentally this nose cap falls in the water, you’ll find them floating around you.

Moreover, the anatomical frame design of this nose cap adapts to every nose bridge, because it’s a perfect one-size-fits-all sort of edition. Another important thing we love about this nose clip is that you can comfortably carry it anywhere you want. The high-grade plastic carrying case lets you store the nose clip safely.

On the whole, we must say that these are the best nose clips for swimming, not only because of the above features but also you get them at an affordable cost.

  • Lightweight and comfortable feel
  • Padded nose plug for a firm fit
  • A carrying case
  • Improved shape
  • Large for kids below six years

2. FINIS Nylon Clips With Silicone Pads – Best For snorkeling

When it comes to prolonged swimming sessions and maximum pressure retention, FINIS Nylon Clips comes on the top. These high-end silicone nose clips ensure a firm fit and make sure clips remain on your nose for extended periods. So, we can say these nose clips for swimming can be your best partner when you are wearing snorkels while swimming.

However, just like all other nose clips, this one also closes the nasal cavity by fitting the nostrils together. And barely there’s any chance for water from entering your body. Moreover, the silicone pads not only provide a firm grip but also remain soft and comfortable.

If you are looking for the best nose clips for swimming for your kids, then FINIS Nylon can be a great choice for them too. The functional design with an average bridge is surely enough to fit on almost every nose shape and size.

This nose clip has been made from high-quality nylon material, which is durable enough to withstand underwater activities. However, the silicone-padded clips make sure not to fall in the water. But if accidentally it slips over your nose, you can quickly locate it with its vibrant color. Moreover, the lightweight frame keeps it floating on the water instead of seeping down.

Not only this, but it also comes with an incredibly low price, which is affordable for everyone. Also, there is no compromise seen in its quality and performance.  

  • Great value for money
  • Durability guaranteed
  • Colorful and floating design
  • The anatomical design fits every nose
  • Might lose grip during prolonged activities

3. Speedo Competition Nose Clip –Best Affordable

If you are running low on budget and don’t want any compromise on your underwater experience, here comes Speedo Competition, which is one of the best nose clips for swimming. No matter if you are a professional swimmer, or just want to dip into the lake, it’s an ideal choice for you. Well, we must say, it’s one of the cheapest nose clips in the market, but with no compromise on the quality.

Moreover, the quality is quite better than many other nose clips, but we cannot match it with some expensive high-end models. It features a high-quality stainless steel frame with rubber-coated clips on it. Speedo Competition well competed with some models in providing a comfortable grip due to its low-profile design.

This nose clip clasps your nostrils well together while ensuring that they are not too tight to hurt you. And the water gets no place to enter the body, just like some high-end models. The thermoplastic rubber pads make you ready to deal with all the strokes, and you can do anything while knowing that you are safe from water.

The design is much practical, and the adjustable frame of these pool clips adapts every nose shape and size. So, if you are looking for the best swimming nose clips for small noses, this one is an ideal choice for you, as it fits entirely.

  • Low-profile design
  • Ideal for small noses
  • An excellent choice for competitive swimming
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Challenging to locate when slips in the water

4. TYR Ergo Swim Clip – Best Design  

If you love to keep a fashion statement with your swimming gears, then TYR Ergo Swim Clips is one of the best nose clips for swimming. Moreover, if you have been bored with your previous dull-colored nose clips, you should certainly try one of these four vibrant colors, which will truly brighten up your swimming apparel.

No matter if you are a recreational swimmer or going for competition, TYR Ergo’s ultra-comfortable design provides a firm fit on your nose. It will not slip even when you are performing some severe strokes inside the water. Moreover, the low-profile swim clip technology ensures maximum flexibility, and it adapts with the size of your nose.

The high-quality latex-free nose pads remain gripped on your skin, and it’s ideally hypo-allergenic. The overall structure of this nose clip is exceptionally lightweight and compact because it is made up of a polyurethane frame. The quality of the material used makes them highly durable, and you can use them for longer.

When you see the price, it will look a little hefty for the first time when compared to competitors. But honestly, when you are going to try it, the cost will not look so much because it ensures a remarkable experience.

On the whole, we must say, TYR Ergo suits perfectly to frontline snorkels when you are out for training. If you are an adult and have a small nose, then this is worth buying for you. But if you have a chubby nose, then flexibility may be limited for you.

  • Low-profile design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Best for adults and older kids
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Not adjustable for a slimmer nose

5. Sinus Saver Water Sports Nose Plugs – Best Comfortable

Here comes a new invention in the water sports world, Sinus Saver Nose Plug, which is also one of the most comfortable nose plugs in our line. If you don’t want to bear the pressure of nose clips and want something exclusive to block water, then this can be your ideal swimming partner.

The transparent design makes it one of the best invisible nose plugs, because these are inserted entirely into the nose, and the outside part is also not prominent. Well, that’s truly a fantastic thing that you don’t need to clip your nostrils together and stress them out. All you have to do is insert this plug into your nostrils, and the water will get no place to enter your nostrils.  

If you have been facing the problems of chronic sinusitis or nasal infections, then Sinus Saver Nose Plugs are undoubtedly made for you. The name truly indicates what this swimmer nose plugs are meant for. It features two flexible nose cups connected with a narrow band to stay on the nose.

Moreover, when it comes to durability, these nose plugs comprise high-grade, odorless, and long-lasting silicone material. When you are using them normally, then these silicone plugs will not shrink or break. There are fewer chances of slipping these nose plugs while swimming as compared to other nose clips.

  • Modern ergonomics
  • Classy transparent look
  • High-grade silicone
  • Ensure comfortable fit in the nostrils
  • A bit costly

6. Splaqua Nose Clip With String – Best For Kids

If you have been searching for the best swimming nose clips for kids with a comfortable texture, then you are at the right thing, Splaqua Nose clip, an exclusive edition for kids, comes with a stretchable string corded to the nose clips. This strap firmly fits the clips on your nose, so you are not going to misplace them under the water.

What your kid wants is a secure clip, which will not slip in the water, and that’s what you’ll get in this one. Moreover, the latex-padded edges rest comfortably on the nostrils, while saving the nasal cavity from harmful chlorinated pool water.

And your kid will be much more comfortable with it than various other models because these clips don’t create a tight seal to hurt the nostrils. Don’t you think that it’s a powerful swimming gear for your kid? No matter if you want a nose clip for your children’s swimming lesson or any fierce competition, the adaptable design makes them suitable for all.   

You can simply adjust the clip on your nose to the position where you feel the most comfort. Moreover, you can also hang swimming clips for kids on your neck, when you feel like you are ready to cope with water pressure through its highly durable latex strap.

The price of Splaqua Nose Clip is not extraordinarily high or not too low to call it a cheap gear. So the median price, which anyone can afford, is a plus point for it. On the whole, for those who are a bit confused about choosing the best nose clip for their kids, Splaqua is one of the best nose clips for kids.

  • Ideal for kids
  • Reliable strapped design
  • Great value for money
  • Highly adjustable
  • Not suitable for adults

7. UPINS 14 Sets Silicone Nose Clip – Best Earplug and Nose Clip Set

Here comes the pack of best nose clips for swimming along with a pair of high-quality earplugs, so that you don’t need to find them separately. UPINS features14 sets of earplugs and nose clips, which are exquisitely crafted with great artistry to keep water out not only from the nose but also form ears too.

When you jump into the swimming pool, you need to make sure that every safety equipment you are wearing will stand by you in every extreme condition. And for those critical strokes, extended periods, you can undoubtedly rely on UPINS sets of both earplugs and nose clips to ensure a remarkable experience.

Moreover, you can introduce multi-colored stock in your swimming equipment through these vibrant colored nose clips. The ergonomic design of clips and earplugs fits most of the sizes of ears and noses without putting any strain.

The silicone frame and the compact design makes them highly portable to carry anywhere you want. Plus, the material is 100% waterproof, so it is less likely to deteriorate when it comes in contact with chemicals of pool water.

These can be great nose clips for toddlers, because of excellent water resistance, which don’t let even a little water enter your kid’s nose or ear. So, if you are looking for a great value for money, and want a remarkable swimming experience, then UPINS Silicone Nose clips can be your companion.

  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • High-quality, durable material
  • 100% waterproof
  • Only suitable for kids

8. BLUPOND Swimming Nose Clips – Best For Open Water

Here comes one of the best nose clips for swimming, which are exclusively ideal for open water swimming. When you are choosing a nose clip for deep open water, then you need to be a little more conscious and see some extra features. And that’s why it is highly suitable for open water. The dotted rugged design, which will not lose the grip during swimming, is the reason behind.

Not only this, just like the previous model, it also comes with a highly durable earplug to prevent any ear-related infections. Plus, this is a family pack of three, and you certainly need not find nose clips for other family members, when you have them.

The design, keeping a typical nose-bridge configuration, fits almost on all the slim and chubby noses. No matter if you want it for your kid or an adult, it’s highly flexible for all the nose sizes. Moreover, you’ll see that the metal frame is beautifully covered with a high-grade soft silicone layer. This sheath is free from any harmful chemical or odor, so you are going to have a comfortable experience.

The people susceptible to common allergies can surely try these medical-grade nose clips. They pinch the nostrils tightly together, without leaving a chance for chlorinated water entering your nostrils.

When it comes to swimming accessories, appearances are little concerns to some people. If your kid is also picky about colors, you can choose these nose clips out of six vibrant colors. Here’s a plus point that BLUPOND provides a durable carrying case for the nose clips and earplugs.

  • Toxic-free silicone material
  • Suitable for extreme strokes
  • Ergonomic design fits most noses
  • Highly durable
  • Not ideal for large noses

9. Arena Pro Swimming Nose Clip  – Best Durable

When it comes to durability ideally combined with affordability, nothing can beat the standards of Arena Pro Swimming Nose Clip. It ensures higher-levels of comfort, when you are deep down in the water—the high grade memory plastic frames, which remains polite to you. Moreover, the clips are made up of silicone and polycarbonate.

Swimmers mostly face the problem of size when it comes to choosing the right clips. But when it comes to Arena Pro, size is no more an issue, because it fits perfectly on an average-sized nose. However, if you have an extremely slim or extraordinary clubby nose, then flexibility can be a problem for you. But it’s remarkable for a normal-sized nose.

When you put them on your nose, you’ll surely feel an excellent balance between volume, strength, and elasticity. The secret behind this balance is its great composition. Just like many models in our list, the principal component silicone, adds much comfort to your swimming journey.

Moreover, this swimming nose clip comes in many different colors, and the price is an impressively great thing to consider.

  • Memory plastic frame
  • Lightweight
  • Highly durable
  • May slip during laps

10. Linwnil Silica Gel Nose Clip – Best Waterproof

If your main focus is on a streamlined and ergonomic design, which will adapt your nose shape, then Linwnil Silica Nose Clip being, one of the best nose clips for swimming, has got you covered. Well, just like all other models in our list, it also features the same water-blocking mechanism to avoid any nasal infection. And no doubt, it performs that well.

The ultra-soft and highly comfortable pads make this clip 100% waterproof, not even letting traces of it enter your nose. The streamlined design is contoured like a nose for making insertion easy, every time you wear.

Most importantly, it’s a Silica Gel nose clip, which means that silicone is in its pure form. And there’s no interaction of any harmful chemical. You can surely use it without worrying about the smell, toxicity, or any other concern. Moreover, no matter how long you’ll use, the color and quality will not fade. And that’s what we loved about this product.

If you are picky about colors, then you need to be satisfied with the color they send you. You can’t choose it on your own. But no worries, all the colors are brilliant, vibrant, and lively. So you are going to love any of it.

The price is extraordinarily low, and there’s no compromise on the quality. But at some times, you’ll feel the absence of a protective case, when you’ll carry it with you.

  • Ensures firm grip
  • Toxic-free silica gel
  • Fade-resistant
  • No strap

Best Nose Clips For Swimming; The Complete Buying Guide

It’s a reality that with the advancement in the swimming field, every day, there’s a new addition in the models of swimming equipment, including nose clips. Updated models are featuring more and subtle details to make your experience worthwhile. However, some are too expensive for a budget person. Then, which swimmer nose clips are ideal for you?

When it comes to the safety of your life, you can’t just purchase any gear without knowing much about it. You can’t just jump into the water without knowing that either your nose clip is reliable enough to bear all the extremities. So, before making your purchase, you have to check some factors, some essentials in your nose clips.

The factors include:

Nose Size:

The nature of your nose clip depends upon the size of your nose. You have to take the bridge of your nose into account when it comes to the nose size. The most appropriate nose clip would be that one, which can firmly sit on the bridge and bring the nostrils together to keep water out. However, most of the nose clips in the market are brilliantly concocted in the shape of an average person’s nose to ensure a firm fit.

Moreover, there are some models, which feature a metal piece to mold the shape of the nose. It enhances flexibility and ensures maximum comfort. You can either lose or tightly fit the clip on your nose, depending on how much hooking you want.

There are some nose clips, and we often call them ‘swimming nose plugs’ are specifically for blocking the nostrils by inserting them into the nose. So, they are much more size-specific than the nose clips

Quality Of Materials

When you are looking for the best nose clips for swimming, then don’t forget to have an eye on the quality of the materials used. The durability of a nose clip, or any other product, depends upon the quality of the material. Most importantly, if you carry your clips occasionally, then you certainly need to pay some extra attention to the durability.

Some metal nose clips are much more adjustable, and we generally recommend metal nose clips for swimming. You have to make sure that the metal is coated and protected from reacting with chemicals present in pool water.

Another common material used in the synthesis of nose clips is silicone. These are much more comfortable than metal nose clips, but they are not that durable. Then what’s your priority comfort, or durability?

Design of Nose Clip

Here comes another important factor you need to consider is the design of your nose clip. The right decision can make your experience best. On the contrary, your experience can be the worst when you choose the uncomfortable design. First of all, you have to keep the difference between the nose clip and nose plug in your mind.

We generally recommend nose plugs because of their ultra-comfort structure. You insert them entirely into your nose, and barely any part is visible outside. If you have a chubby nose, then you must choose the nose plug, because the nose clip may not fit firmly and slip away.

Well, if the nose clip inspires you more, then it’s your choice. But make sure that whatever design you choose brings you comfort when you are in the water. Moreover, when you are looking for the best nose clips for kids, then you have to be pretty more conscious in choosing the most comfortable design.

The Benefits of Using a Nose Clip While Swimming

The primary benefit of wearing the swimming nose clips is that it prevents the water entry into your nostrils. Some benefits include:

  1. When the beginners learn the front crawl, the nose clips aid them in avoiding water intake, when they turn to breathe.
  2. The clip is a solution to allergy-prone nasal cavities, which the swimming pool chemicals can aggravate.
  3. The amoeba living in the warm water bodies can enter your body like a parasite through the nose. The nose clips can stop that from happening.
  4. You can enhance your butterfly strokes, backstroke, and other swimming tasks; the nose clips prove them to be highly useful.

Some Disadvantages of Using Nose Clips

Nose clip prevents you from nasal infections or sinusitis, and many other pathogens inside the swimming water. So, there are not many disadvantages. Well, it can be a little uncomfortable for you at first, because something tightly shutting your nostrils is not pleasing at all.

Metal nose clips may lead to bone fracture or damage when you suddenly perform any stroke or water sports. However, in the case of kids, you need to be a little more conscious. Kids might feel a bit more tight than adults.

There are no such significant issues, but when you get much efficient in controlling your breath or doing it properly while swimming, it’s better to stop the independence on nose clips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do professional swimmers use nose clips?

Most of the elite swimmers prefer wearing nose clips to prevent the water from entering the nasal cavities. Moreover, the nose clips ensure a fascinating and pleasant underwater experience, which is what every swimmer desires.

How do you wear nose clips for swimming?

Simply fix the nose clip onto your nose, while the bridge must be facing upwards. Then, push the lower parts against the nostrils to adhere to them. If your nose clip is strapped, then apply a similar method, and move the strap around the head and neck.

Why do I need a nose clip for swimming?

The nose clip is one of the essential swimming gears, which blocks the entry of water into the nostrils. It’s important for you to wear because it prevents respiratory tract infection and several breathing complications.

Do nose clips make your nose smaller?

Yes! Nose clips can undoubtedly make your large nose smaller, long nose shorter, broad nose into slimmer, and lifts the droopy nose. What else do you want? The nose clips are practical in both swimming and real lives.

How do you breathe while swimming?

You have to breathe out and make sure that bubbles are coming out. And then, breathe in through your mouth. However, some novice swimmers prefer holding their breath instead of breathing inside the water.  

Do nose clips work?

The best nose clips for swimming are highly effective at their function. Blocking up the water pathway into the body; the nose clips ensure maximum comfort and security.


Your safety should be your biggest concern when you are jumping into the water. And that one part of safety is in the hands of swimming nose clips. Here we have covered top-most highly rated best nose clips for swimming along with their details and a few drawbacks.

If you are a little confused about getting the best one, then you can surely consider our top pick, which is exclusive of all. Speedo Unisex Swim Nose Clip, being on the top of our line, features almost all the features, what an ideal nose clip must-have.

It provides an ideal combination of quality and performance. Undoubtedly, you’ll get a remarkable experience when you are going to make it your purchase.


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